how rare is this beer

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11:00 Sat 7/14/2012

just bought a o kells 1907 limited edition bottle from a estate.i was told only 6,000 were this true i cant seem to find anything on this beer.

beers 2355 º places 71 º 11:00 Sat 7/14/2012

if its from 1907 id sayits rare

11:02 Sat 7/14/2012

its okells 1907 limited edition just cant seem to find it online.matt is there away on here to find it.

11:03 Sat 7/14/2012

also says the 100h anniversaary or something on it

11:12 Sat 7/14/2012

its celebrating 100 years of the TT races

beers 3264 º places 138 º 11:16 Sat 7/14/2012

beers 2468 º places 57 º 11:18 Sat 7/14/2012

Its in Okells current bottled line-up and is available at some bottle shops on the Isle of Man.

So, its an obscure beer at best, not rare.

beers 2468 º places 57 º 11:26 Sat 7/14/2012

Originally posted by ericandersnavy

That would be the cask version. We need a new entry for the bottled version.

beers 1936 º places 35 º 11:38 Sat 7/14/2012

Yeah, so to answer your "real" question, no you aren’t going to get $500 for it on eBay.

11:44 Sat 7/14/2012

how much could you get for it?