How to improve the cider part of the database?

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beers 7540 º places 736 º 14:57 Thu 11/2/2017

Originally posted by minutemat
I did contact Westons' master cider-maker Jonathan Blair last year, as I found he was quite helpful when I asked for cider-making advice about 7-8 years ago (even arranging to meet up at their offices and taste it), but got no reply this time. If I called I'd probably be put straight through. I might do if i have some time on a day off.

Our Westons listing is a complete mess.

beers 10475 º places 396 º 15:07 Thu 11/2/2017

Never heard of that site before but just joined it anyway. Website seems a bit basic, and American. Reminds me of an early version of Vivino. I like the idea of keeping all my ratings in one place but maybe this site will improve.

beers 6833 º places 300 º 15:40 Thu 11/2/2017

Originally posted by chriso
The big problem with ciders is lack of information. There are not many detailed sources - online or printed. Many of the producers (in the UK at least) seem to have barely, if at all, entered the digital age, let alone embraced things like social media. Pete Brown wrote a book on Welsh cider (a rather slim volume) which I bought unseen because I hoped it would be a valuable source of information. In the event it turned out that a number of producers were excluded, at their own request, because they felt the additional exposure would just cause them hassle & might stimulate a demand that they wouldn't be able to meet and (presumably) had no desire to.

Yes, realised I'd hardly tried any Welsh ciders and have started looking out for them, and got Pete Browns book which gives a start. Have noticed that afew of the weblinks on ratebeer pages for Welsh cider producers are out of date, as they link to an index on which is no longer there. Whereas that site itself looks to have had an update and even lists some producers not on ratebeer e.g. Bodger Cider and Jaspels on North Wales page, although the only contact is only an email address (googling does bring up a website for Jaspels So unfortunately for ciders the info is often scarce and alot of it is out of date so takes time to track down.

beers 10669 º places 386 º 15:45 Thu 11/2/2017

Now, Ice Cider /Ice Perry is one style at RateBeer. They should clearly be split in two, Ice Cider AND Ice Perry. Of the latter, there are not very many, but they are still significantly different from the Ice Ciders.

beers 5603 º places 33 º 02:54 Fri 11/3/2017

On the same note, fruit ciders should also be split from cider, I reckon.

beers 20249 º places 1599 º 03:23 Fri 11/3/2017

Originally posted by tommann
On the same note, fruit ciders should also be split from cider, I reckon.

Completely agree with this.

beers 10475 º places 396 º 03:34 Fri 11/3/2017

I'm starting to get a little tired of writing long posts in the forums only for them to not appear.

beers 10475 º places 396 º 13:49 Sat 11/4/2017

Is anything going to happen with these cider listings then? An admin would have the power to clean it up, but the only people who want to are not admins. So we have a conundrum.

beers 5084 º places 59 º 14:04 Sat 11/4/2017

Originally posted by imdownthepub
Originally posted by tommann
On the same note, fruit ciders should also be split from cider, I reckon.

Completely agree with this.

And I feel this would ideally happen before admins start to clean up the cider entries. Start with a mass category change which Joe can run on the database... i.e. any entry currently in the Cider or Perry category containing the word 'fruit' or 'berries' in its name or any other such related term gets moved to the new category. Then admins can start cleaning up everything else.

Considering this is RateBeer and not RateCider I imagine it's not a high priority. As with other big admin tasks (the recent Cloudwater cleanup springs to mind) I imagine this is going to take some time, needs agreement from a majority of admins I assume. I'm sure with this as with the Cloudwater cleanup there are plenty of us willing to deal with it and have the time to do it, but we aren't admins so we can't. We just have to wait.

beers 12748 º places 410 º 14:04 Sat 11/4/2017

Originally posted by tommann
On the same note, fruit ciders should also be split from cider, I reckon.

There is much, much more that should be done there.

I have a couple of ideas in mind on how to do proper Cider style distinctions, I'll write them up at some point in the near future.