How'bout Tenerife?

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01:07 Fri 9/22/2017

Have you guys been to Tenerife in Canary Islands? Me and and my mates is planning to go there to spend the holidays. I've been reading some article about this island here in but i was wondering if there are some good local bars where we can enjoy a nice cold beer. Anyone of you guys been here? Any advice you can give?

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I've been this spring and visited the below two places. As we stayed on the southern part of the island I didn't have much opportunity to discover the northern part properly, and there might be places there too worth visiting.

I wrote a few words words bout them, but if you have any further questions I'm happy to answer if I can.

beers 10779 º places 386 º 04:29 Fri 9/22/2017

I went to Tenerife ( south side ) for 11 times already. Sad enough, this was all before I got into ratebeer etc.

On the other hand, i just LOVE the island's nature, people, atmosphere, ... You can chill out with a nice dorada ( which is their Industrial style lager, but not too bad, especially on a hot day ) . I wouldn't go specifically for beer ( as far as I know it ) but I would def. go !

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If all else fails you can just go to the store and pick up a couple of cartons of piss!

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Been there three times, there's a Belgian bar in Playa de las Americas, and I've found some microbrews (not great though) in small stores (including an all-organic store) in Puerto de la Cruz. A few ticks in supermarkets too, but nothing really interesting.

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Originally posted by schultze
Have you guys been to Tenerife in Canary Islands?

The beer is not good but it's a 'rare tick' in the sense that it has quite limited distribution:

The funny back story is that the founder is a guy, who as a construction engineer helped the founder of Lemke in Berlin establish themselves in the railway arch. When he later moved to Tenerife he chose to take up craft brewing.

06:01 Sun 9/24/2017

Cafe Bambale just underneath the south airport. When I was there 2 years ago it was a Belgian bar and had loads of Belgian beers on. Check first to make sure they're still open.

beers 5487 º places 208 º 12:12 Sun 9/24/2017

Post this travel in this metro: . I've not visited Tenerife but perhaps some of the Spanish Ratebeerians can help you.

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The user was created on September 22nd. He hasn't logged in since. Coincidentally he has a link in his first and only post.

I smell link spam.

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Amazingly this link spam post is allowed to stand...

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Originally posted by blipp
If all else fails you can just go to the store and pick up a couple of cartons of piss!