Hypothetical: If White Labs, Wyeast, BSI, Brewlabs ceased to exist...

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If White Labs, Wyeast, BSI and Brewlabs ceased to exist, what would you use to ferment your beer?

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All the 10oz bottles that I save some yeast cake in. Or bottle dregs. I guarantee that within a week of this happening you would see people trading yeast and shortly after that a new company would start up.

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Yeast from fermentis

On a more serious note: I'd probably salvage the yeast I have in my fermenters/fridge right now (WLP001, lacto, brett from 3F/Boon/Cantillon) and use that as house yeast(s) for a while. After that, I'd start cultivating from bottles.

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I live in Costa Rica so what you propose is a practical reality for us. IMO dried yeast works like a dream and is a snap to use, only thing it lacks is variety. I like to play around with different dry-yeast combinations.

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All the glycerol stocks I have saved? Or is that cheating...

11:57 Fri 9/7/2012

Originally posted by VsXsV
I'd start cultivating from bottles.


In fact, I do this with the vast majority of my sour/funky beers.

The only time I use commercial yeast is when I brew hoppy beers and then I simply pitch a packet of US05.

The rest of the time I either grow a starter from a commercial beer or a homebrew.

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