Iceland and Faroe Islands this summer (August)

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beers 2184 º places 33 º 04:59 Mon 7/25/2016

Originally posted by Mathieu87
Micro bar! Ask for Steine

Just to avoid confusion :

Steini is the current manager at Mikkeller
I no longer work for Mikkeller

I am always available for a pint or two, or a trade or two! :)

beers 5514 º places 285 º 15:16 Mon 7/25/2016

Great i’ll message you!

beers 38 º places 10 º 16:48 Mon 7/25/2016

Hey man.

Just saw this now. I’m an Icelander and an active trader.

I’ll shoot you a message.


beers 5514 º places 285 º 17:20 Mon 7/25/2016

You got a message back ;)

beers 334 º places 80 º 04:04 Tue 7/26/2016

I’ll be in Reykjavik between August 6-9 and also the 13th. I’m giving my parents a tour of Iceland but should be able to have an evening with beer. Could probably bring some Swedish/Danish stuff.

beers 5514 º places 285 º 04:26 Tue 7/26/2016

Cool, ill message you