If Four Loco was made by Anhueser Busch instead of some small company? Would it get banned

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Why is four loko still on the shelves of practically every convenience and liquor store I go into if it was banned? Is it that its manufacture was banned but its still allowed to be sold until it dries up? I’m new to all this banned beverages nonsense

The alcoholic Four Loko is banned. They still market the non alcoholic version and kept the same packaging.

They still sell the alcoholic version in my area but I think the recipe was changed.

Sans caffeine.

It was the combination of caffeine and high abv that got the legislators’ panties in a wad.

Oh whoops. Thanks for the correction. Yeah I see them everywhere. Unfortunately never bothered to try one when it was still caffeinated. I remember watching people chug them right after I graduated college and thinking, they may die. And then a kid actually died or something and it was banned.

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Against my first instinct, I think this guy is not in this for actual academic/substantial research. I would suspect he is a InBev drone who lied on his resume, somehow landed a marketing/research job that he is unqualified for (rich associated dad, or perhaps a mom who aborted Mr Busch’ 15th born to keep the tartar off of his record), got really excited that he got the job, got his first assignment, panicked when he got his first assignment, realized he was totally unqualified, beat off in the handicap stall of the employee bathroom on the floor below his twice in a row to relieve the stress, then created an account here so that we can do his work for him.

Be honest, am I close?

If you did not hit the nail on the head, you hit your thumb holding the nail. I asked him what his definition of skuny beer is since he uses that term often on here...alas....no response from him.