If I were going to Belgium to get some Westy’s

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If I were going to Belgium and wanted to bring a case of Westvleteren 12 back, where would be the best place to stay (city and hotel)? What would be the cheapest way to get it back? Ship it or pack it? I’ve had the beer countless times, think it’s great but was planning on being in the vicinity and decided this could be a nice 2 day diversion.

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Do you already have a case reserved? If not, you have to reserve it by phone (next day that’s possible is Tuesday - 2:30 to 6AM, and 8:30-9:30AM Eastern http://www.sintsixtus.be/eng/brouwerijactueel.htm ) - it is incredibly hard to get through - I tried several times from Germany without luck.
In de Vrede Cafe will probably only sell you the gift box with 1 or 2 bottles - I don’t think they ever sell the 6-packs anymore but I’m not sure.
If you are lucky enough to get a case, packing it would be way cheaper than mailing (just paying for an extra piece of luggage - whatever the airline you are taking charges).

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They still sell 6-packs at In de Vrede. 20 euro for 6 bottles of the 12. You have to be a bit lucky though that they aren’t sold out...

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If you would get through the phone tomorrow, you still can ask to change the proposed pick up date.
So you could opt for next week Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.

Best place to stay depends on where you are coming from, any city in West-Flandres wouldn’t be to far. Ypres is close, the coast towns are also close. (and a bit more vibrant)

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Originally posted by Mathieu87
They still sell 6-packs at In de Vrede. 20 euro for 6 bottles of the 12. You have to be a bit lucky though that they aren’t sold out...

last time i was there no six pack. Just 4 bottle (2 blonde, 1x8 1x 12) and a glass

Other problem is by the Case. You dont know till about 1-2 weeks before what case type it is and then you still need to book

so if you want the 12 , its a lucky dip if youve chossen right week

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when i was at "in de verde " just in front of the abbey where the westvleteren are brewed i saw a lot of people buyng case of beer .. i don’t remenber the prices exactly but it was around 3 euros per bottle ..

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They mix it up between the brewery collection point and In De Vrede.

Visited in March ’13 - 6 packs of 12 - 2 per person limit at E20 per pack from De Vrede.

Previous visit October ’12 - mixed 3 packs of blonde/8/12 - 4 per person from the brewery collection point - no reservation necessary. E9 per 3 pack.

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Read "Westy’s as "Wendy’s" and got really confused

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Etre Gourmet mail order, no travel needed.

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Originally posted by randomgarbage
Read "Westy’s as "Wendy’s" and got really confused