Imperial Stout Bottle Share North NJ

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11:38 Wed 1/30/2013

Private Imperial Stout bottle share event Thursday, January 31st 7pm. The is last minute, but we had a few people drop from our list. One unique bottle gains you and a guest admission. Current list is BCB Cherry, Coffee, 2011 Parabola, 2011 Black Ops, Black Tuesday, Cigar Huna, Cigar Cognac Imp Milk Stout, and more. Message me for more details.

beers 1511 º places 103 º 11:41 Wed 1/30/2013
beers 18972 º places 541 º 11:57 Wed 1/30/2013

I’d be up for this if it were Friday instead of Thursday.

beers 6567 º places 146 º 12:06 Wed 1/30/2013

Looks like a nice list indeed