In Portland June 20-21

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Hey Portlanders, Oregonians, and Pac Northwesterners all. My wife and I will be stopping by in Portland for the better part of June 20-21. We don’t have any set plans, but hoping to hit up HotD and Cascade at the least. Would love to meet up with people to share a beer or several anywhere in town. Any recommendations for things off the beaten path are most welcome.

Cheers y’all!

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How far off the beaten path? If you rented a car and wanted a great day trip I highly recommend a drive out to Hood River. It’s about an hour outside of Portland along the Columbia River Gorge, beautiful drive. Hood River is a nice town with an amazing beer scene. Within a 10 minute drive you have the following: Full Sail, Double Mountain, Big Horse, Pfriem (might not be open by then), Walking Man, Everybodies Brewing, Solara Brewing, and Logsdons Farmhouse Ales.

As to other places in PDX I highly recommend Breakside, Upright, Lompoc 5th Quadrant, Occidental, and my friends at The Commons. Definitely stop in at Beer Mongers and Belmont Station for bottles.

Eeesh, guess that was way too much for two days.

Send me a beer mail and I’ll try and meet up for a beer. I live a bit outside of Portland, but I’ll try and make it in work pending.