In which city can I find the best pub in Europe?

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Totally agree, there’s some phenonemal pubs around the country!

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Originally posted by Erlangernick
Say "beer drinking establishment" rather than "pub".

And probably the best everyday "beer drinking establishment" is a pub.

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Originally posted by harrisoni
Originally posted by Gazza
Originally posted by evanrail
London. It’s called the Southampton Arms.

Totally disagree. I love the Soton, but it’s not a "proper" pub in the true sense of the word. IMO, anyhow!

Brodie’s is a proper pub.

Agreed, at least you can get a pint of Carling Extra Cold in William IV

Which will be more drinkable than their home-brewed stuff.

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Originally posted by vipinvelp
Anywhere in the northern European countries there are good pubs everywhere.

Apart from France of course.

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Originally posted by Gazza

There is no best pub other than the one you like the best.


And that will depend on your mood, your company, and what you want that day. That’s why it’s good to have a range of pubs close by.

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Originally posted by Vladivostok
There are some potentially great pubs in London (Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Fails on just about every criteria any reasonable person could draw up for a good pub. What people tend to like about it is that it’s old and has history. But as far as British pubs go it’s not. It’s not even the oldest pub in Fleet Street, nor the most interesting historically. The interior is mocked up Victorian. It’s small, uncomfortable, dingy, lifeless, expensive, lacking in regulars, geared mainly for tourists, and only serves Sam Smiths beer. I normally like Sam Smiths pubs, but the Cheese really is the pits.

beers 2655 º places 199 º 14:51 Mon 7/9/2012

Originally posted by Vladivostok
Originally posted by Leighton
You could make a case for any number of major European cities (Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome...) but if what you’re looking for is a *pub* then London will probably have the most to offer.

It’s a sad fact that the best pubs in England tend to be in the countryside/small towns rather than the major cities. There are some potentially great pubs in London (Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street; Dove, Hammersmith etc.) but anything half decent in the central area tends to get crammed to the gunwales with the sort of tourists that drink Carlsberg wherever they go. For cities I’d go with Amsterdam, Bruges or the aforementioned Bamberg.

I’m presuming you haven’t been to London recently? Craft Beer Co, Cask Pub & Kitchen, Euston Tap, Southampton Arms, Brewdog Camden, Holborn Whippet, etc, etc.

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This is ridiculously easy. Antwerp. Please, Kulminator is unmatched.

beers 3504 º 09:46 Tue 7/10/2012

Ghent is best.

beers 727 º places 167 º 12:00 Tue 7/10/2012

Dusseldorf has some absolute cracking pubs - and they are pubs not bars most of em - although, for obvious reasons, they aren’t all historical buildings (although they feel like they are).

Prague - some of the finest, most "real" and unspoilt pubs in Europe there, not to be missed.

Dublin, with it’s new beer revolution, now has some excellent contenders such as AtG and L Mulligan Grocer which I love.

Manchester is a bloody great city - it oozes atmosphere and, if it’s raining and you’re in the right bit, you can almost hear Joy Division and suchlike coming from the fabric of the place. Some good pubs, too, although better beer ranges can be had in Huddersfield, Sheffield, Leeds and Liverpool which all have brilliant pubs. Basically, in England sticking to the North won’t lead you far wrong.

Some excellent places in Barcelona these days too....

Of course, Bamberg is top, but then again unexpected cities such as Gdansk and Lodz have amazingly good specialist beer bars.

Bratislava is on a huge up at the moment...

I could go on, and do...