Infected beer.... ratings?

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beers 633 º places 22 º 15:34 Tue 10/2/2012

Originally posted by pepsiedcan
Originally posted by biggsbowler
I wish there was a way we could still rate it but give that beer an asterisk that wouldn’t count towards it’s score.

White Birch - 483 *ratings, no score given.

It is what it is. I would take more notice to stay away from said beers.

beers 5201 º places 142 º 15:35 Tue 10/2/2012

Originally posted by Lukaduke
Originally posted by TheBookie
You know what I used to say to all the guys who bought back their beer in the pub I used to run when they reckoned it was infected. "change your lipstick".

And did they respond... "clean your lines"
Always, but when its one guy out of fifty. He is either Michael Jackson or an idiot. The other statement was "its the bottom of the barrel" its a pasturised lager in a pressure keg mate!. Real ale, would be different that can go off within an hour and it would be obvious to regular drinker.

15:36 Tue 10/2/2012

could integreate at a ticking-box ’infected’ that eliminates the score from the rating and only uses is with a specific amount of infected ratings/percentage.

for the rest I go with 3fourth. was amazed to find an infected batch in between all of good ones at borefts and see alot of people have it pass as fine, just not outstanding.

beers 26066 º places 725 º 15:42 Tue 10/2/2012

I quickly read the above and it’s correct.
If a bottle is infected, it’s correct to report it (I also would like to try another bottle in that case).

But there is a Ratebeer rule that says "if a group rates an infected beer, only one rating is allowed" probably never truly applied...

beers 20023 º places 321 º 16:03 Tue 10/2/2012

Originally posted by Lukaduke
So whats a rater to do... if you pop open a beer and you know its infected, should we just move on and try to get another bottle that may or may not suffer from the same fate... or would it be helpful to rate it as infected and if someone sees a few ratings in a row of an infected batch it may help them steer clear of the problem! Your thoughts?

At one point a brewer actually asked me to remove my rating (which was pretty bad) because the beer had been infected and it didn’t taste the way it supposed to be. I told him I’d gladly replace the rating with a better one if he’d send me a bottle of the beer without the infection. He never responded, so the beer still has a tremendously low rating from me. Thing is: I bought it, they sold it. They sold it as that beer. If there’s a problem with it, it’s there problem. I rate what I taste. If they don’t want my low rating from a beer I payed for, they should send me a fresh bottle to re-rate. So bottom line: whether a beer smells or tastes infected, it doesn’t matter. They sell it, you bought it. It should be good, or at least, it should be as the brewers want it to be. If not, compensate. If they dont: low rating. Don’t see any problem with that.

beers 26066 º places 725 º 16:07 Tue 10/2/2012

Originally posted by Benzai

Well said!

By the way, I remember talking to Agostino, the brewer at Birrificio Italiano, whom I know; he was a bit "annoyed" by some bad ratings given by Danish people at one of his good beers (maybe a bad bottle), and he gave me one more bottle to bring to Denmark and share it with them

beers 6494 º places 432 º 16:08 Tue 10/2/2012

Originally posted by biggsbowler
I wish there was a way we could still rate it but give that beer an asterisk that wouldn’t count towards it’s score. I had an infected BA Yeti and part of the reason I didn’t rate it, was because it was infected and why would I rate a beer that would negatively effect the overall rating of the beer. Yeah I could have rerated later, when I got a different bottle, but that doesn’t always happen with an infected beer.

Why should the rating not count? Ratings should reflect the product as it exists on the market, not just as it exists in ideal conditions.

beers 3211 º places 63 º 16:40 Tue 10/2/2012

Agreed totally with this.. here is my said review:

INFECTED.... Opened without any pop, poured a viscous pale golden color with no head. Aromas of sour petrol and rotten fruit. Sipped the same Yuck. Looks like pediococcus to me... hope to try another bottle soon and reassess. On to the station #55.

If it was a fluke so be it and the rest of the ratings should even it out... if there are others coming out of the woodwork they should be glad they have a resource like RATEBEER to find a common thread with the infection and the they can problem solve from there. I mean in wine its pretty common to run across "corked" bottles and its a bit less taboo. Weird cause wine people are usually more snobby in general haha !

beers 244 º 17:08 Tue 10/2/2012

Rate it. Note that it’s infected in the rating.

Only exception I can think of is if there is a clearly marked "best by" date or something of the like on the bottle *and* the 12/24 pack (if applicable) that has passed. If you bought a 12 pack that had "Best by September 2010" on the packaging and every bottle in it, and try to drink it in October of 2012, and it turns out to be bad, that’s not really the brewer’s fault. :)

But if it hasn’t past it’s "best by" date (or is within a reasonable period of time from the bottled on date- 6 months?), or there is no clearly marked date (i.e. not present at all or in code), I feel like it’s fair game to rate what’s in your hand.

You had to pay for it, you didn’t get a good experience, that’s something I’d want to know if I was considering buying the beer.

beers 103 º places 48 º 17:16 Tue 10/2/2012

Thank you for this thread. I won’t name the brewer, but I have run into over a case of infected beers across 4 different styles from the same brewery. Ran into an intern at a tasting heading there for work this summer and he told me to e-mail the brewery, they knew about it and would "take care" of the issue as my state doesn’t allow returns. I’ve had no response from brewery after 4 e-mails and was getting ready to submit my infection rates.