Infected Deliverance?

Reads 9504 • Replies 74 • Started Friday, February 15, 2013 7:05:12 PM CT

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beers 584 º places 9 º 19:05 Fri 2/15/2013

I’ve bought several bottles of 2012 Deliverance and so far, two in a row taste sour and smell like wine. The first bottle was flat. I bought 5 bottles at $17 a bottle.
Anyone else having this issue?


beers 218 º places 7 º 19:08 Fri 2/15/2013

Stay away from Deliverance, Angel’s share and any other small bottle variety that isn’t meant to be a sour from Lost Abbey. They have huge issues with Carbonation and infections. TooMany Beers had the same issue with some of their stuff earlier this year.

beers 584 º places 9 º 19:10 Fri 2/15/2013

Yea he told me about that. I basically feel like I got robbed. Never buying another bottle. I followed that with a Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout and what a difference!

beers 12924 º places 1390 º 20:23 Fri 2/15/2013

I am still trying to figure out how Deliverance and Angels Share can maintain 100 ratings with such a "huge" infection problem. I have bottles of both, and I admit I haven’t tried either yet, but I am watching 4+ ratings show up consistently for each and wondering how widespread the problem can be.

beers 584 º places 9 º 20:37 Fri 2/15/2013

I gave it a good rating after I had it on tap which was the first time. I think I’ll go back and change it.

Great band name.

22:31 Fri 2/15/2013

Squeal like a pig.

beers 9756 º places 10 º 22:39 Fri 2/15/2013

When its good, its very good. When its not, its horrendous. People tend to trade their bad ratings in for good ones/give the brewer the benefit of the doubt overall as well

beers 584 º places 9 º 08:03 Sat 2/16/2013

I have 3 bottles left that I will crack open tonight and pour out if they’re bad. Bye bye $90 altogether. FML

beers 4251 º places 20 º 08:43 Sat 2/16/2013

Call the brewery. I had the same problem with a bottle of Angels Share being flat and infected. They sent me some replacement bottles (red poppy, amorosa and older viscosity as well as some glasses) and a box to return the two unopened bottles I still had.

Gwen (GCONLEY) from Lost Abeey commented in a thread about this a few months ago when this was happening.

They deny any infection or carbonation problems.

Whatever, they replaced the beers without too many hassles.

Hope this helps!

beers 3726 º places 182 º 08:52 Sat 2/16/2013

Originally posted by smith4498
They deny any infection or carbonation problems.

Remember when Bonds, Mcguire, Sosa denied steroids? All they did was hit homeruns with a blemish free track record.