Infected Fantome around B.C.?

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Thanks for stepping-up, Adam.

Everyone should know that the problem originated with Fantome Brewery and you’re doing the ethical thing on the brewery’s behalf.

In the past, I’ve had dozens of bottles of Fantome and I adore their wild-yeastiness and funky mix of spices (hence why I’ve continued buying bottles) but the latest batch isn’t right. I hate to be calling anyone out in a forum-setting like this but I’m 5/5 on bad bottles (over the last 3-months from two reputable Victoria stores). Nobody should find themselves paying top dollar and tasting a product that is sub-par.

You’ve done the right thing by offering to take back unsatisfactory bottles.

If I may, I’d like to impose upon my fellow RB members:

Should your wallets permit the ‘splurge’ – please buy an extra one or two beers from Raincity Brand’s line-up to help them out. Seeing that they are actively looking to correct this situation and undertaking an expensive endeavour recalling Fantome - they also need our help so we can continue to see some of our other favourites: Cantillon, Upright, Pretty Things, Unknown Brewery.

Again, thank you Adam for rectifying the situation.



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You’re welcome Todd, and thanks for your support!


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.... and all this is Not the END of the (Fantome )World ! ;-) ! nobody’s perfect too Cap’ !!!!
possible 1 bad batch ..( like All !!! breweries .)
. not 4 bad batches ! impossible !!! or the travel too long?..i don’t know..
.. just..try others beers.. no other solutions there in BC .. but .. get a look to others BA members speaking about my simple beers .. notso m-uch problems .. Strange Strange !!!!TX Adam for your comments ...thanks all !

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Just keep sending Fantome beers to BC and we’ll call it even... however, I will wait a bit. Honestly, saw some Fantome at Firefly in Maple Ridge a few weeks ago and was hesitant to buy (since I could remember which or what was reported as infected). All the best, cheers...