Interest in Industry-Only forum here?

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Originally posted by Cletus
I don’t quite get it? What do you consider industry or non-industry? Is the goal to draw less interest in the site?

Probrewer already serves this purpose and is not going anywhere.

Cletus, how do you think such a forum would draw less interest in the site? The existing forums are not going anywhere regardless of whether a new forum is made. How industry and non-industry would be determined would be up to Joe, although we already have ways to associate users with breweries, bars, etc., so that would be a start. Probrewer does not serve as an interface between ratebeer admins and people in the industry, which would be one of the potential benefits of such a forum on this site.

Here is an example. Let’s say Joe wished to know whether site change Y would be beneficial for bars and liquor stores. If Joe posed this question in the main forums, the thread might easily be overlooked, or the thread may get cluttered with blank posts, jokes, tangential discussions, and other non-relevant information from people not even related to the issue. A targeted forum could solve many of those problems, potentially benefiting everyone involved.

As previously noted, discussions regarding other issues, such as recipes, festivals, etc. would certainly be welcomed. However, that is just one potential use of the forum, and as stated, not the only use. Finally, whether other websites do or do not offer a service which is perceived to be similar to one aspect of this forum strikes me as an odd thing to focus on. There are sites which focus solely on beer news...does that mean we should do away with beer talk? There are sites which focus on availability of beer...does that mean we should do away with our distribution information? If the feature is relevant and beneficial, then I think it would be foolish to not pursue it, even if the aim of other websites is similar. Of course, whether users associated with breweries and beer places on ratebeer would find the forum beneficial is why Joe has made this thread in the first place. So hopefully some more people will voice their opinions.

11:59 Sat 2/16/2013

Joe, not being a well known member on here, but a frequent visitor, I would find it nice to have a forum where I could talk to other beer retailers from other states, and possibly reps and brewers alike to learn either about products, or trends in the market in other parts of the country.

My questions are, what would qualify somebody to be a part of that "exclusive" forum? How would the rest of the ratebeer community (the ones not allowed to post on it) benefit from it?

In all though, I do think it would be a good idea