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The wife and I will be going on a trip to Ireland in few weeks, I’ve never been. We’ll be spending 3 days in Dublin, 2 in Cork, and 2 in Kerry. Any suggestions for pubs, bottle shops, restaurants, etc. (or anything else non-brew-related for that matter)? Thanks in advance.


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BeerMail Garthicus who is from Dublin although he is now part of HogTownHarry’s group in Toronto. He can probably give you some pointers. The one place I will check out when I ever get to Dublin is Celebration who brews a bunch of great stouts.

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I have heard that Ireland’s beer scene has improved the last few years, but there wasn’t much when I was there in 2008. The Guinness tour kinda sucked.

Dublin was an interesting place, and I took a great day trip out to Here and Here.

Have fun.

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Like Mike above said, when I was there the beer scene was pretty tame. We did the Porterhouse in Dublin and hit a few of the higher rated places on here at the time, all were very so-so. Beautiful country though.

I did have fun getting fish and chips at a place called Leo Bourdocks or something, it was right around the corner from the Porterhouse.

The best beers I had by far were in Belfast.

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Have a look at my map

It’s pretty much up-to-date, some great places there now.

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Post on the website and they will sort you out. There are even a few Americans on there that live in Dublin. Beer scene is kicking off down there. You can even get 3F Lente

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John Duffy is yer man for info on Dublin & Ireland in general.

I think he’s a leading light in Beoir too.

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Just read Dubliners (James Joyce) while you there.

beers 18557 º places 821 º 09:24 Wed 7/11/2012 has all the info, I think. Cork is a great food town, so look some things up to eat while you’re there.

Don’t miss the West Kerry Brewery, just a little bit past Dingle. Tiny little place, key your eyes peeled.

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It was a couple of years ago but we enjoyed The Abbot’s Ale House in Cork.

In Dublin
Porterhouse was decent, VERY busy in the evenings on a weekend. I preferred the quieter times earlier in the day/evening personally.

Bull and Castle was pretty decent as well, we had a good dinner there.

Book of Kells is highly overrated. If that sort of thing interests you the Chester Beatty Library ( is far better bang for buck. Walk past Dublin castle on the way.

We packed a nice cheese/bread/meat picnic from a great cheese shop whose name escapes me and ate it on a bench in front of the labyrinth in the courtyard by Chester Beatty

The beer was a bit dull but I enjoyed the atmosphere of the upper floors at Messrs Maguire.

Walking the grounds at Trinity College was enjoyable.

Christ Church Cathedral was a cool walk past for us, we timed it poorly and didn’t make it inside.

City hall has some cool art and architecture inside.

Have fun!

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Also in Cork is the Franciscan Well brew pub.