Irish Meet Up?

Reads 456 • Replies 3 • Started Monday, March 25, 2013 12:26:45 PM CT

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beers 2945 º places 64 º 12:26 Mon 3/25/2013

Hey Irish RB’ers..

Do we have enough interest here to do a monthly tasting? Or even a monthly meet up? We could always piggyback on some of the Beoir meetups but I was wondering if we could do a Ratebeer one?



(I’m based in Dublin)

beers 5300 º places 174 º 14:42 Mon 3/25/2013

I’m right up in cookstown but would be great to participate at some point.

beers 725 º places 36 º 15:00 Mon 3/25/2013

Absolutely Alan, would love that - haven’t been brewing for yonks now so I don’t go to the the monthly ICB meets;would love to get something like this sorted though - I’m keen as mustard for whatever - there’s a couple of interesting beers on cask at the bull and castle if you’re free tomorrow early evening to meet up and discuss it? That goes for any other Irish RBs who are lurking!

beers 2945 º places 64 º 01:36 Tue 3/26/2013

Excellent... let’s get the ideas going. I’ll drop you a PM or DM, don’t think I can do a pint till Thursday but would love to meet you!