Is Crianza Helena worth $200?

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DISCLAIMER: this is not an offer to buy or sell any beer. I do not have a Crianza Helena, nor am I looking to get one. I do not advocate any cash transactions on ratebeer.

Now that thatís out of the way, what would you value a 75cl bottle of Cantillon Crianza Helena at? I havenít seen any recently on eBay...
If you had the opportunity to get one for $200, would you do it?

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Iíd rather have a case of Belgian Red or several of Expedition Stout. $200 for a single beer is a bit like dropping $700+ for a scotch or wine. It might be good but it isnít going to be 10x better than anything else.

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No. There are still plenty of bottles of it at DHVL.

Save the $200, add to it, and fly to Belgium and drink 8 of them while eating an awesome dinner.

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If two hundred bucks is like pocket change to you, then go for it. If not, drink off the shelf lambic and have a great time.

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I could spend that $200 on a hooker and probably have a better time than drinking that 1 beer.

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Itís not 10x better than a $20 bottle of gueuze. Iíd probably pay up to about 50 for one so I could have it again, but definitely not 200.

beers 3342 º places 70 º 19:03 Sat 6/30/2012

Is ANY beer worth $200? You can travel to Prague and drink pint after pint of fresh, amazing pils for 1,90Ä.

I saw the thread earlier that mentioned a single bottle of Don Quixote going for $1,200. As an owner of 2 bottles, Iím very tempted to sell them and go on a nice vacation to Bamburg, or Montreal, or California, or any one of the hundreds of other amazing beer destinations out there.

places 10 º 19:13 Sat 6/30/2012

Originally posted by BigTomZ
I could spend that $200 on a hooker and probably have a better time than drinking that 1 beer.

You probably wonít get the clap from the Crianza, though.

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