Is there a bias in beer ratings against big corporate macrobreweries?

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22:07 Tue 7/24/2012

like if a like Anheuser Busch or MillerCoors came with out a good tasting beer, it would get rated down cause beer snobs hate them since theyre corporate conglomerates. They think only small independently owned should get a decent rating cause theyre the little guys.

beers 32735 º places 453 º 22:11 Tue 7/24/2012

Well rising to the bait.

There are so many influences on a beer rating, such as surroundings, who your with etc.

and one of those is providence. If youve not had any good beer from a brewer then your more likly to be looking for its flaws

where as if youve always have great beers, you will be approaching it in a much more receptive mood.

but on the whole it evens out.

Id say as much as any system does, RB works very well all be it that it tends to fall a part a bit at the extremes

beers 1037 º places 21 º 22:12 Tue 7/24/2012

I’ve had shitty little guys and enjoyed a few big corporate dogs

So, there’s my vote

beers 20743 º places 554 º 22:50 Tue 7/24/2012

There are plenty of people that give Budweiser/Miller/Coors perfect 5.0’s just because they are Budweiser/Miller/Coors, so you have that as well.

beers 6082 º places 104 º 22:59 Tue 7/24/2012

I rate goose island way higher than white birch

beers 2903 º places 92 º 23:39 Tue 7/24/2012

Short answer, yes

beers 2874 º places 125 º 23:50 Tue 7/24/2012

Yes they do but this doesn’t mean that they’re good. In blind tastings, I’ve found most corporate lagers do very poorly. Additionally, I’ve seen people who champion one corporate lager over another cannot even distinguish one from the other in a blind tasting.

beers 353 º places 60 º 00:00 Wed 7/25/2012

What BMC beer is worth anything? and don’t say Goose Island.

beers 4 º places 179 º 03:05 Wed 7/25/2012

All ratings are biased.

beers 8664 º places 28 º 06:57 Wed 7/25/2012

Yawn. Next.

beers 999 º places 47 º 07:11 Wed 7/25/2012

This topic has never been discussed here, ever. Thank you for keeping the forums fresh!