ISO: BFM 255 FT: List

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beers 226 º places 12 º 14:27 Sat 7/20/2013

Looking for 2-3 bottles of this gem. We can try and keep it $4$

Parabola (Batch 4)
Oak Aged Bretta
Farmers Reserve #4

Other Bay Area stuff? Central Coast Stuff?


beers 226 º places 12 º 14:28 Sat 7/20/2013

brain fart/typo. 225, not 255

beers 3206 º places 63 º 20:32 Sat 7/20/2013

Got you !

08:59 Sun 7/21/2013

I would try and get a hold of some guys out in Charlotte. I was there three weeks ago and a few bottle shops had plenty of them sitting on the shelf. The price was between $22-$25.

beers 3744 º places 142 º 09:20 Sun 7/21/2013

Felipe if you don’t already have something set up, hit me up and I can cover you.

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