ISO: CA resident as trustee for Lost Abbey Saints and Sinners

Reads 919 • Replies 3 • Started Friday, November 3, 2017 9:34:03 PM CT

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beers 1267 º places 3 º 21:34 Fri 11/3/2017

Lost Abbey is starting up its Saints and Sinners Club back up again in 2018, and I'm looking to get in touch with someone who lives in CA and would be willing to either pick up in-person or receive bottles on my behalf (shipping will only be within the state) and ship off to me in NY.

Shipments would be quarterly and all costs covered by me. We can negotiate what I could give in return as thanks for your time. Either sharing some of the additional allocations of each release, perhaps some local cans/growlers from NY, etc. Appreciate it, thanks for looking.

beers 2435 º places 44 º 22:40 Fri 11/3/2017

I can vouch for jbeatty. I helped him out with some Crooked Stave trustee duties and he more than held up his side of things.

22:52 Fri 11/3/2017

I can help text me 7606399138

beers 1267 º places 3 º 08:43 Mon 11/6/2017

Thanks wchesser!

This should be closed, appreciate the replies.

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