ISO Fantomes: Tequila, Tonka, and Sante 21

Reads 471 • Replies 4 • Started Monday, October 16, 2017 11:12:48 AM CT

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beers 102 º places 1529 º 11:12 Mon 10/16/2017

Just looking for the latest releases that I've missed in the past few months. I have old Bruery beers and old lambics to trade and I have some newer (past 2 years or so) barrel aged AleSmith as well. Or if there is something available in southern CA that you want I'm sure we can work something out.

**edit: Forgot about the Gunpowder Mild Ale and the new blonde version of DMD. Looks like some of these aren't even in the database here yet.

Gun Powder Ale

DMD Target Blonde


Sante 21

beers 178 º places 16 º 05:07 Tue 10/17/2017

What do you have FT? Let's continue this via PM.

beers 102 º places 1529 º 13:04 Wed 10/18/2017

I think I'm just going to take up the offer to fly to Portland and do a tasting since I can fly from LA cheaper than I can trade for all these. The only one I don't think will be there is the Morada Tonka. Anyone in the US (or that will be travelling to the US soon) have one of these?

beers 2 º places 4 º 08:07 Thu 10/19/2017

DO you have a date for this tasting?

beers 102 º places 1529 º 11:46 Fri 10/20/2017

Originally posted by beercation
DO you have a date for this tasting?

No, but I'm looking at January. Do you have any leads on the Tonka?

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