ISO: Fritz Ale FT: 6pk Zombie Dust

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07:29 Wed 6/12/2013

Looking for any single bottle of Fritz Ale. My wifeís maiden name is Fritz, she would love it if I was able to get a bottle of one of these for us to share. Any clearly labeled Fritz bottle would do but it would be sweet to get the imperial stout, american ipa or the iipa. Im not sure on the availability of this stuff just know that i cant get it here. let me know if im off on value as i will surely try to fix it. thanks!

beers 20594 º places 12 º 07:39 Wed 6/12/2013

Well the American IPA and Imperial Stout werenít bottled for a while. IPA and IIPA are easy available for me but I donít think that you thought of an oversea trade. But look for the IPA or IIPA, I donít think that there are a lot of the other ones still available somewhere in bottles.

beers 1307 º places 44 º 09:00 Wed 6/12/2013

You can find some online on, They ship to Europe , I am not sure about USA (never hurts to ask). You can also try contacting Fritz on Facebook : if he can suggest some alternative. He also participates in Festivals but I donít know if USA is planned.

beers 20594 º places 12 º 09:25 Wed 6/12/2013

Fritz will be in the US in two days so write him quickly. Bierzwerg doesnít ship to the US while bierkompass does.

09:44 Wed 6/12/2013

thanks a ton. ill check all of that out. much appreciated

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