ISO: hill farmstead

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beers 134 º places 5 º 07:14 Thu 7/12/2012

for trade:

Cantillon LP Gueuze 06, St. Lam 08, Vigneronne 08, Mamouche 10
Founders CBS, Nemesis 2009
Upright Belmont Station 14th Anniversary
JP Bambic 750ml, BdM Grand Reserve 750ml, Biere de Goord, Cinco Anos
BA HiFi Rye batch 1
3F Schaerbeekse Kriek x2
Kuhnhenn Bourbon Barleywine 08, 10, Bourbon Banana French Toast
Bells Bourbon Cherry Stout, Wild One
Bourbon County Stout 08 & 09

Willing to combine certain things for trade. Message me if interested, thanks!

beers 134 º places 5 º 07:19 Thu 7/12/2012

New phone isnt cooperating well. Please delete this thread, thanks!

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