Iso: Jester King Spon Weekend releases, Ft: Hill Farmstead bottles

Reads 810 • Replies 0 • Started Saturday, November 4, 2017 7:45:17 AM CT

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07:45 Sat 11/4/2017

Looking for some specific bottles from this weekend, such as:

Spon Three Year Blend
Spon Mourvedre & Sangiovese
Bier de Blanc du Bois

And for trade are:

Flora: Blueberries, Black Currants and Raspberries
Flora: Peaches and Pears
Wine Barrel Dorothy
Wine Barrel Flora
Works of Love: Tired Hands (Lurks Of Love)
Civil Disobedience 19
Civil Disobedience 20
Phenomenology Of Spirit
Madness And Civilization 9
Madness And Civilization 10

My ideal trade would include at least two different SPON Three Year, and one of each of the other two in my Iso.


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