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15:29 Fri 3/2/2012

FT: several west coast favorite ipas, as well as fresh firestone sucaba, alesmith speedway stout, much more, i would really like to land a couple of four packs of this i realize that comands a hefty price i would be willing to go 1.50 to every 1.00 in trade meaning that two four packs should run about 40 bucks i would be willing to trade about 60 worth on my side for that, also i have access to kern river brewing i live by the brewery, dont have any citra right now but all other available. let me know

19:06 Fri 3/2/2012

Any Barrel Aged Speedway?

beers 1 º places 1 º 23:57 Fri 3/2/2012

any alpine beers? if you get some citra lmk.

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