ISO Kid Rock Badass American Lager

Reads 615 • Replies 5 • Started Friday, July 6, 2012 12:03:41 PM CT

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beers 567 º places 11 º 12:03 Fri 7/6/2012

Yep. Looking for 12-24.

FT: Locals or regionals.

Hit me up.


beers 924 º places 68 º 14:09 Fri 7/6/2012

Is it still avalible? I know the guys that used to brew it went out of business...

beers 2016 º places 1 º 22:37 Sat 7/7/2012

Kid Rock or the powers that be, pulled out of Michigan Brewing prior to closing. Think it’s still being brewed, not sure where, but have a hunch.

beers 50 º places 15 º 22:44 Sat 7/7/2012

I got u homie!!

beers 567 º places 11 º 10:34 Sun 7/8/2012

All set.

beers 1 º places 2 º 12:13 Sun 7/8/2012

Originally posted by StFun
All set.

Kid Rock Badass American Lager? Really Josh??? haha

Oh how I miss you guys!!

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