ISO: Lambic FT: list of stouts, sours (including Rare Scooop)

Reads 680 • Replies 3 • Started Wednesday, October 25, 2017 10:15:51 AM CT

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10:15 Wed 10/25/2017

Looking to to a bigger trade for lambic including the recent Cantillon releases. Also interested in Zenne or Bokkreyder and would do quantity or include the more rare bottles.

Rare Scooop (only for a trade including rare lambic)
RareR Scooop
2017 Weekday Set
Trademark Dispute Green
Big Adventure

Bottle Logic:
FO b3
Jam the Radar
Dark Star '15

Cigar City:
DB Huna b2
Various EL catador releases

Witch's hat vanilla night fury, cookies n creme night fury
Hf biere de Norma
Casa Agria various sours
Kuhnhenn BA raspberry and blueberry eisbock
Various meads
Bells black note '16
Boxcar speedway

07:29 Sat 10/28/2017


beers 5019 º places 97 º 13:02 Sat 10/28/2017

Not sure I have exactly what you want but will send you a message on Facebook

beers 2015 º places 38 º 04:20 Sun 10/29/2017


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