ISO Murda’d Out Stout. FT: Jackie Os Anniversary & Staff Beers, etc

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beers 567 º places 11 º 07:27 Fri 12/14/2012

Read that FFF had some of these still left. Sadly, I’m driving in the opposite direction today and won’t be back in town until Sunday. If anyone in the Chicago area can grab me a bottle, hit me up. Tons to trade on this end, including all the Jackie Os Anniversary & STAFF releases (minus the Oaky Golden Pucker, my allotment of that is spoken for), previous JOs stuff, Darkness, Uplands, etc.

Willing to expand if FFF has anything else cool in bottles, or for some Chicago stuff I can’t get in Indy. Cheers!!

beers 1183 º places 50 º 11:27 Fri 12/14/2012


beers 2052 º places 169 º 13:00 Fri 12/14/2012

After StFun is taken care of, I am ISO as well! Take care of StFun first though, please.

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