ISO: Peg’s Nooner FT: you tell me

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beers 9982 º places 672 º 10:43 Sat 7/20/2013

Not sure what to offer for this beer, but take a look here and see if anything if of interest:

beers 9982 º places 672 º 10:44 Sat 7/20/2013

Also interested in all stouts or sours unrated from Peg’s and 7venth sun to expand.

beers 1180 º places 66 º 11:28 Sat 7/20/2013

Is this on the site yet?

beers 9982 º places 672 º 11:35 Sat 7/20/2013

Yeah, aliased to RareR vanilla

beers 3564 º places 227 º 12:10 Sat 7/20/2013

This batch of Nooner is not vanilla RareR, it’s Rare in single malt whiskey barrels.

beers 7130 º places 10 º 12:24 Sat 7/20/2013

Nooner is a generic term for their growler releases.

It’s not actually the name of any beer.

Me and Hopscotch started to just add alts for each release date as "Nooner - Date of Release" that alts to the actual beer.

beers 617 º places 22 º 14:21 Sat 7/20/2013

Why are these beers still being entered under Pegs name? They changed the brewing operation’s name to Cycle Brewing about a year ago.

beers 1644 º places 1 º 14:56 Sat 7/20/2013

Nooner denotes its a special growler released at noon during special events. The vanilla rarer was released on barrel aged day in march. As noted yesterday’s was a single malt rare dos

beers 9982 º places 672 º 16:21 Sat 7/20/2013

Ah, thanks for clarification.

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