ISO : Someone that knows someone who makes Ice Cider / Makes Ice Cider themselves

Reads 455 • Replies 5 • Started Tuesday, September 12, 2017 5:42:00 AM CT

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Hey everyone ! I'm currently looking for someone who produces Ice Cider on a commercial scale ( Preferably Canadian ) or at least can get me in touch with someone.


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beers 5381 º places 178 º 15:18 Tue 9/12/2017

Mark at cockagee cider Ireland (slane cider mill) has started making ice cider, but not sure it's been released yet

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Originally posted by joet

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yeah holla at me too

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Originally posted by joet

We've kind of stopped doing the blank post thing in the forums joet. Let's keep the forums fun for all and in the spirit in which they were meant