Kandy House Special Beer

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04:59 Mon 5/29/2017

Kandy house bar ( http://www.thekandyhouse.com/) a low-lit, chill-out area under white arches – or take your Tiger beer out to deep canvas bucket seats under the stars. Dreamy drinks include Veuve Clicquot champagne, plus interesting wines and dependable cocktails blended from house brews of lemongrass, vanilla, ginger or chilli vodka. Try the arrack sour along with fresh-roasted cashews.

beers 2116 º places 4 º 05:26 Mon 5/29/2017

Dreamy drinks sound dreamy

05:34 Mon 5/29/2017

yahh... It’s feeling like a dream

beers 2116 º places 4 º 07:37 Mon 5/29/2017

Do u sell Lion Stout ?