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beers 2045 º places 169 º 11:28 Wed 10/18/2017

I'll be in Kansas City for a couple days next week. Will have a car.

Where should I go for:
Beer only
Beer and food (brewpub/beer bar types)
Stuff to do besides consuming calories
Play a reasonably priced round of golf

Currently planning on:
Joe's BBQ (gas station location)

beers 13633 º places 750 º 12:04 Wed 10/18/2017

I thought BB's Lawnside was cool. BBQ, music, fun place. I don't remember it being much of a beer joint, but it's been several years too.

beers 531 º places 1 º 12:27 Wed 10/18/2017

Heads up on Joe's: call ahead and place your order. When you show up, enter through gas station and bypass the entire line. You're welcome, enjoy the Z-Man!

For beer, I like to hit Bier Station...good tap selection...even better bottle selection...and a solid pub food menu with communal seating.

Also, Crane Brewing has been doing good things. A bit of a drive out of the city, but worth a stop.

beers 531 º places 1 º 12:30 Wed 10/18/2017

Oh yea, when we golf in KC, we hit: https://www.minorparkgolfcourse.com/Rates



Edited to add: My wife got a Hole-in-One at Swope last summer.

beers 4705 º places 276 º 13:21 Wed 10/18/2017

Originally posted by TheHOFF43
Stuff to do besides consuming calories

The Nelson-Atkins Musuem is very good and not too big to drain your energy.

A visit to Lawrence is worthwhile.

For food: I'd throughout visiting Extra Virgin during happy hour
I recommend the bone marrow

If you go to Lawrence, definitely visit Free State
In KC, KC Bier Company if you want lagers

beers 2045 º places 169 º 14:17 Wed 10/18/2017

Great advice from everyone so far. We are driving down on I-29 so will have to find something along the way

beers 13728 º places 239 º 16:13 Wed 10/18/2017

Martin City for beers
Woodyard or Oklahoma Joe's for bbq

beers 4871 º places 1059 º 16:19 Wed 10/18/2017

All good recommendations above.

I'd add:
- Brewery Emperial for great food and solid beers
- Torn Label is very close to Emperial, and beers are fantastic
- Steamboat Arabia / River Market are both interesting tourist destinations

Also, craftbeerkc.com has an active forum of KC users - if you want to post over there may get even more responses.



beers 4194 º places 176 º 17:26 Wed 10/18/2017

Definitely agree with a lot of the above.

My list of eateries and breweries would include:

- Boulevard
- Crane (love their stuff)

- Joe's (Gas Station)
- Grunauer
- Beer Kitchen

Also, I would take a stop in Weston, MO just north of KC. O'Malley Pub. It's an underground bar/Weston Brewing. Different levels to hang out in. The deepest room is a cave/cellar about 60 feet down. Pretty neat atmosphere.

I would also recommend the National WW1 museum if you're in to that kind of stuff.

beers 2045 º places 169 º 20:12 Wed 10/18/2017

Thanks all. I truly appreciate it as this all was scheduled today. Still don’t have a hotel but that is a minor detail.

Ratebeer is great because it gets you info from people there catered to more than just beer

beers 2979 º places 37 º 20:23 Wed 10/18/2017

Topgolf is pretty fun. Theres also a few good rock climbing gyms, one of them is actually in a business park that for some reason is in a cave. http://www.thecavebouldering.com/

I think Im going to be doing these things in KC next weekend actually. 10/27-10/29.

If you want the best beers from St Louis, then find some KC locals. Thats the running joke with my STL friends at least.