KegWorks’ Walk-In Beer Cooler - Only $8,000

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beers 5206 º places 276 º 10:34 Thu 4/12/2012

I found this via

This isn’t your typical beverage cooler; it’s more like a piece of heaven, if heaven were climate controlled and located in your basement. Seriously though, the BrewCave is the walk in cooler that has everything!
The modular, panel design of each unit is fully tested and each piece is shipped to you separately, so you can assemble it right where you want it to be. Every panel (and the optional floor) has four inches of insulation sandwiched between inner and outer metal skins, so you know the inside of the cooler will remain igloo-cold. Good thing too, because with shelving space for over 30 cases of beer and room for four kegs on top of that, frostiness is your friend.
Speaking of those kegs, this unit has the added bonus of doubling as quite possibly the world’s largest kegerator. Everything you need to make this the ultimate draft beer dispensing system is included with your shipment, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor from day one.
Easy assembly, exceptional utility, and extreme good looks…the BrewCave is pretty much a cross between a miracle and another miracle!


beers 5206 º places 276 º 10:37 Thu 4/12/2012

Looking at the floor plan though, for this price, I wouldn’t actually be able to fit all of my beer in here. I’m sort disappointed it’s not larger...also, the $8,000 number is the price with floor and then shipping and tax.

beers 18 º places 1 º 11:02 Thu 4/12/2012

To much for to little