Kellerbier: The Unofficial Beer Style of the State of Minnesota

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beers 3620 º places 18 º 23:05 Wed 3/29/2017

Many regions are known for producing a certain style of beer, but Minnesota’s breweries don’t seem to have a reputation for any style in particular. I think that could change. As of this writing, Minnesota is 9th in the country (well, tied for 9th) in the number of Zwickel/Keller/Landbiers entered into the RateBeer database (albeit at just 11 examples, most of which indeed are labeled as “kellers”). That may not sound that impressive, but all of the states above it either have a larger population or a much more entrenched craft beer culture (think Colorado and Oregon).

More notably, Minnesota produces the top-rated Zwickel/Keller/Landbier in the world (Summit 30th Anniversary Keller Pils) as well the fourth highest-rated example of the style in the world and second-highest rated in the United States (Fair State Kazbek Kellerbier). We also have Lift Bridge Citra Kellerbier sitting at number 31 in the world, and Herkimer Sky Pilot was one of the first American kellers to gain prominence. Fulton also recently made one, Schell’s has made two, and Indeed has made a zwickel.

What are kellerbiers? Well, according to this site, “Essentially, these are hoppier versions of a helles, served with natural carbonation and unfiltered - they are the lager world’s answer to real ale. Kellerbier will on average be hoppier than zwickelbier.” Are Minnesota-produced kellers particularly authentic to the style’s German roots? Probably not, but since when has that stopped American breweries from laying claim to a style?

So this is my challenge to every brewery in the state of Minnesota, at least every one that’s willing to make a lager: Brew a kellerbier! When done well, they’re delicious, and Minnesota has as good a claim to the style as any area outside of Franconia. Town Hall, Fitger’s, Bauhaus, Utepils: What are you waiting for? This is right up your alley. Surly, Wild Mind, Steel Toe, Spilled Grain: I’m confident you could make a very good one if you try. You have the power to make kellerbier a legitimate Minnesotan specialty.

beers 6678 º places 434 º 23:09 Wed 3/29/2017

I would love to see this happen. Summit is bringing their Keller back this year, but sadly only in the sampler packs I think.

beers 10338 º places 1215 º 23:47 Wed 3/29/2017

Garrison Keillorbier?

beers 3140 º places 134 º 16:48 Fri 3/31/2017

Originally posted by bytemesis
Garrison Keillorbier?

beers 3140 º places 134 º 16:49 Fri 3/31/2017

Originally posted by Bacterial
Originally posted by bytemesis
Garrison Keillorbier?

Seriously though, I really do love this style. Would be cool to make Minnesota famous for it!

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beers 1420 º places 11 º 17:38 Fri 3/31/2017

Sounds like I will need to go to Minnesota soon if this is the case!

beers 2045 º places 169 º 21:56 Fri 3/31/2017

What is a kellerbier? I’m being sincere.

places 23 º 22:07 Fri 3/31/2017

Originally posted by TheHOFF43
What is a kellerbier? I’m being sincere.

Lazy man’s Pils?

beers 6678 º places 434 º 23:27 Fri 3/31/2017

Yeasty, hazy, hoppy Franconian deliciousness.

beers 6853 º places 49 º 01:42 Sat 4/1/2017

11 is really not that many. Keller Bier = Cellar that helps at all.