Koelschip claims to have strongest beer

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beers 4986 º places 168 º 01:21 Wed 3/3/2010

BTW, the brewer was on the radio this morning and said it himself "it’s not beer".

03:57 Fri 7/16/2010

this dutch brewer fools everyone,one time he says its beer,on his label he writes with destilled alcohol,on the radio he says its no beer,he writes that his drink is the strongest beer in the world,
after i called him up and asked him which method he uses he did not give an answer.
Poor "brewer" mr. nijboer,shame on you,you are the strongest brewer in the world by using a crane,
this is advertisement at the moment for you but the customers dont forgets such activity,
beer is not mixing whisky with beer,mr. barkeeper

i could let this be cleared by advocate and lawyers but this is too much comical.

Schorsch from Schorschbrewery

beers 20397 º places 431 º 06:25 Fri 7/16/2010

Hello Schorsch,

Obilix is accidentily placed on the RB database and should be removed by an admin. Let it be clear dat Obilix is not a beer in itself, but a mix from 13% Koelschip Bierexplosie beer and home distilled "whisky" from mr. Nijboer. The title ’the worlds strongest beer’ doesn’t fit this drink.

You are absolutely right, Schorsch. This isn’t worth an expensive lawsuit or legal fight at all. I have a bottle of your 40% Schorschbock @ home and will taste it with the Dutch RB crew at an appropriate time. Just send us a 43% Schorschbock and myself and the Dutch RB crew will decide if the worlds strongest beer is a worthy one.

beers 3258 º places 138 º 08:13 Fri 7/16/2010

Looks like we’re going to have to delete 2002 WWS

beers 8917 º places 10 º 08:25 Fri 7/16/2010

Originally posted by puzzl
Looks like we’re going to have to delete 2002 WWS


beers 1 º places 1 º 08:37 Fri 7/16/2010

We’re not going to be making anything beyond the Bismark as far as I am aware, as its just to expensive and takes such a long time, though it could be done.

However as far as strongest beer with pure fermentation, well Eutopia may be set to lose its crown

beers 3208 º places 116 º 08:53 Fri 7/16/2010

The dumbest trend in craft beer just got a little dumber.

I’ll let one of the more senior admins officially nuke it, but this mixed drink doesn’t sound like it’s long for this world.

09:24 Fri 7/16/2010

So how is it Bismark at 41% actually taste really good but that 43% Eisbock is fucking horrible?

beers 10342 º places 299 º 09:44 Fri 7/16/2010

Someone just make a 99% ABV beer already. This race is really getting stupid.

beers 3208 º places 116 º 09:49 Fri 7/16/2010

Originally posted by nickd717
Someone just make a 99% ABV beer already. This race is really getting stupid.

Fame is only a bottle of Everclear and a magic marker away...