LA Times: Inland Empire is bubbling with new breweries

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Looks like more people need to use RateBeer beer maps?

By Todd Martens, Los Angeles Times
March 9, 2012
A business park in Chino is a long way removed from an Iowa cornfield, but the owners of I & I Brewing canít help but compare their early success to a 1989 baseball movie.

People have called Chuck Foster saying they cannot find his 2-month old brewery, and itís not hard to see why. Like many a maker of craft beer, his I & I Brewing (14175 Telephone Ave. Unit J, Chino; sits in a nondescript manufacturing and commercial district, one in which I & Iís Unit J looks identical to, say, Unit B. Yet with zero advertising, and only enough beer to be open two days per week, Foster, a full-time field service engineer by day, can barely meet demand.,0,3273342.story

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I&I is hard to find if youíre there after the sun goes down. Heís brewing on his homebrew system (15 gal) which is going to make it difficult to keep up with demand though Iím told that heís moving up to a 50 gallon brew system, still not very big.

Another one to add to the list is the homebrew store down the street here (Vanguard in La Verne) is filing the paperwork to do a 1-2 bbl system. He mostly just wants to do a brew on premise kind of deal where customers can make their own batch. Iím guessing that heíll sell pints too, but Iím not sure on that.