Lactic-fermented pickles?

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20:38 Wed 7/19/2017

Anyone here made them before?

I’ve always been afraid of making them in a small apartment that I also homebrew in, so I’m hoping to start making some at my buddy’s place.

For those that do now, or have in the past, or may in the future...would you spontaneous ferment, or pitch something specific?

beers 2900 º places 125 º 21:10 Wed 7/19/2017

Pickles? I like to spontaneously ferment but mostly out of laziness. I would take care not to add too much or too little salt, cap on water, be sure they are kept in a warm place. Carrots, cabbage, chilies, onions, cucumbers, all seem to work fine. I have pitched whey from sour cream and that seemed to ensure a more vigorous fermentation.

places 23 º 22:11 Wed 7/19/2017

I’ve had the best luck with a combo of peppers and onions. Lactic cukes always got too mushy for my tastes. I’ve done the whey (from yogurt) route as well as spontaneous. Both have worked out well.

Sauerkraut is also a great great. I really like fermenting that out, then packing into new jars with different flavorings- dill, hot peppers, caraway.

beers 2900 º places 125 º 22:57 Wed 7/19/2017

Yep. Lactic fermentation is tough for me to effectively limit so soft veggies can go from raw to mush quick.

One surprisingly good fermented food for me has been shitake mushrooms. I get these just started and add shoyu, mirin and toasted garlic, stem and all and then refrigerate. The stems soften in a couple days. Great in soups, salads and with eggs. Smoked salt is a fun option.

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