Lawsuit settlement deal reached in Beck’s label lawsuit

Reads 697 • Replies 2 • Started Sunday, October 25, 2015 8:26:32 AM CT

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08:26 Sun 10/25/2015

Didn’t see this posted here but for anyone that has had a becks this is the basic breakdown of the settlement

AB is paying:
Consumers: Can get a 50 cent refund per 6 pack up to $50 (only $12 if you don’t have receipts)
Plaintiffs (3): up to $5000 each
Attorney’s fees up to $3.5 million

To apply:

beers 2445 º places 4 º 19:05 Sun 10/25/2015

Alright America! Y’all just became 12$ richer!

beers 7462 º places 53 º 20:40 Sun 10/25/2015

i did feel ripped off when i bought a 12pack of Becks and realized that is was made in the US, and tasted like a cheap US macro lager. I think the destruction of classic brands is a tragedy in the beer world.