Legal status of growlers in UK

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beers 2648 º places 199 º 10:50 Wed 6/19/2013

I’ve never seen these done in the UK. I know if a pub has an ’off-licence’ then they can sell ’sealed’ containers of alcohol products. I also remember in years gone by in Northern mining and steel communities pubs would sell jugs of ale to local people to take home or drink at home. What’s the legal status of a growler?

beers 120 º places 11 º 10:51 Wed 6/19/2013

I know Brewdog fill growlers in most of their bars...

beers 25987 º places 403 º 10:53 Wed 6/19/2013

and there a Growler bar opening in Edinburgh (but i cant see it getting enough trade)

but i know several off licences that sell take away beer

beers 21656 º places 720 º 10:57 Wed 6/19/2013

Windsor & Eton are about to start selling growlers from their brewery shop, if they haven’t started already. I’m sure Paddy will have looked into the legality.

beers 88 º places 35 º 11:04 Wed 6/19/2013

I’ve seen plenty of camra places doing 2 pint tetra packs obviously not re-useable that’s sort of growler-like I assume they’re legal. Can’t see growler culture taking off over here despite their obvious awesomeness.

beers 2648 º places 199 º 11:07 Wed 6/19/2013

so you could set up a bar that primarily sold take out cask or keg via growlers..?

beers 4847 º places 141 º 11:24 Wed 6/19/2013

I was in a Burton Bridge Pub in Burton a couple of weeks ago and they sell 2 pints in a reusable beer container to take away. I have seen them in a couple of pubs around the Midlands also but cant remember where.

beers 19318 º places 37 º 11:39 Wed 6/19/2013

Originally posted by EdKing
so you could set up a bar that primarily sold take out cask or keg via growlers..?

That’s how the Butcher’s Arms in Herne started up. All he did was off sales, anywhere from 3.5 pints to 72 pints. I used to go and buy 2 litre bottles of Hophead.

Then when the licencing laws changed a few years ago and made it easier to open a pub, he changed into a pub.

My local micropub does anything from 2 to 35 pints for off sales. The Foundry brewpub in Canterbury does 8, 16, 32 pint takeouts. The bigger the quantity the more time they need. So a day ahead if you want 35/36 pints. East Kent is clearly more advanced than I thought.

beers 25987 º places 403 º 12:18 Wed 6/19/2013

Originally posted by EdKing
so you could set up a bar that primarily sold take out cask or keg via growlers..?

thats what the guy in Edinburgh is planning. But oddly all cask

beers 157 º places 79 º 13:40 Wed 6/19/2013

Growlers legal anywhere with an off sales license. But as they’re not government stamped for volume, beer has to be measured into it with a vessel that is I.e.a pint glass. In theory at least, I’m sure many places don’t bother...

beers 8283 º places 40 º 18:57 Wed 6/19/2013

Plenty of places local to me do 2 pint cartons and those 4 pint plastic screwtops....which in reality contain more when filled to the neck. Never had them measured out. Next time I see something on cask worthy of a session (doesn’t happen often), will be roadtesting the legality of my Kauai Island or Kona growler...