Let’s talk Cheese.

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Originally posted by BlackHaddock
Originally posted by McGrupp612
12 month aged Gruyere
C&B Stilton
5 year Gouda
24 month parm
Cabot cloth bound cheddar

Gruyere is getting some love on here: might have to re-visit it.

Is there a RateCheese site I wonder?


used to be. was a partner to ratebeer

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Humboldt Fog makes me cum

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Lots Of thing....

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Originally posted by VsXsV
Originally posted by adnielsen
Originally posted by Nisse666

Is this like Swedish Velveeta?

It’s the lowest common denominator shit tier harder cheese. It tastes nothing. There are awesome Swedish cheese makers, that is basically milk flavored plastic.

Age it for a while and it can get pretty good, according to one of the countries top cheese experts. He keeps one that is 4-5 years old by now.