Let’s talk Cheese.

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Originally posted by Mayor McCheese
Originally posted by spacecoyote
I find that ’hot cheeses’ like pepper jack are best when used in prepared foods like melts, bakes and casseroles.

Old hard Gouda is one of my favorites, very candy-like, almost as good as Brooklyn-made chocolate.

Can’t argue with your first sentence, although I would use herbs/spices for some heat in such dishes. I know nothing of Brooklyn-made chocolate but I do know most US chocolate is usually a lot sweeter than our UK bars. Are you saying Brooklyn has a salty bite to it, like Old Hard Gouda can have?


Herbs and spices for some dishes, melty gooey cheap hot cheese for others.

I find that it’s the sweetness of old hard cheese, like this 60-month Gouda, that stands out more than anything. The comparison to Brooklyn chocolate was a shot across the bow, directed at the drama in the media about Mast Brothers*. Though it is an apt comparison. aesthetically speaking, to liken the appeal of cheese like the one we’re discussing to that of fine candy.

(* I’ve always liked Mast Brothers.)

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There are a lot of cheeses I like a lot, but, for enjoying with a beer that I want to fully appreciate, I like Cream Havarti and Carr’s Wafers the best because they keep the palate clean while providing a non-specific counter for the beer.

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I find goats cheese works well with source beers, wild and funky

Very little cheese in fridge as we’re away (usual vintage cheddar, feta, generic soft goats, halloum)i had a lovely st tola goats log & young buck blue cheese recently

Was also v tempted by an epoisses in m&s but nowhere to keep it cool

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Originally posted by BOLTZ7555
Wow, didn’t expect a post like this and had to head to my fridge to inspect. Here’s what I found:
Maytag Blue
Mahon Spanish
Humboldt Fog
Danish Havarti
Castello Danish Fontina
Point Reyes Blue
Port Salut
Black Diamond Grand Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar
Silver Goat Chèvre Goat Cheese
Shaved Parmesan

Whew...that is a lot of cheese!

1st thing, I can help you with this cheese problem.

2nd, I eat whatever cheese this guy brings to a tasting


Even if it stinks up the neighborhood.

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Welsh Cave Aged Cheddar
Blue Goats Cheese (forgot name)

That’s it I think. Though echo the thoughts of others aged Gouda is superb.

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just have some reg cabot cheddars now, but need some Jasper Hills Winnimere in my life stat.

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You all are regular cheese heads! I’ve got a half of a lancashire bomb I got for Christmas, some generic soft goat cheese, a bric of med cheddar, a bric of tillamook Swiss (who bought that?), and some cheep string cheese we use for dog treats.

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Originally posted by ContemplateBeer
Originally posted by BlackHaddock
Originally posted by ContemplateBeer
Originally posted by BlackHaddock
Originally posted by ContemplateBeer
Yeah, California... think of the prices in London, and how they compare to Shropshire. Kentucky is more like Shropshire than London, I’d imagine.

And you are not too far from Abergavenny- do you see a good bit of Red Dragon in Shropshire?

Cali and London prices are ’over the top’ I suppose, local knowledge can help bringing them down a little, Shropshire is fine usually although like anywhere there are some expensive food outlets and Deli’s if you are feeling rich.


A few Welsh cheeses get across the border, can’t say I have seen any Red Dragon though.