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I brewed an ipa today and when I was cleaning down my equipment at the end of the brew day, at the bottom of my boiler I saw two little black bits of what appeared to be metal. I figured it was maybe off the heating element, sometimes it sheds little bits of metal at the end of a shift. But on closer inspection it was two tiny little pointed shells. It’s hard to describe what they were like but they were tiny and pointed, kind of like a tiny snail shell but pointed like maybe it belonged to a water snail or a tiny little hermit crab. I can’t figure out where they came from, I can only imagine they were in the hops. I used simcoe and nelson sauvin. Does anyone know of any wee beasties that live in hops? Could they have come from somewhere else?

It got me thinking though. Are there insects that live in the hop plants? Are we chucking in dried up spiders and shit when dry hop?

Hopefully no one will get a slug in their beer when I bottle this

beers 2165 º places 63 º 20:51 Tue 9/25/2012

Photos or it didn’t happen.

places 1 º 08:08 Wed 9/26/2012

Hop seeds?

beers 8932 º places 283 º 09:10 Wed 9/26/2012

Did you brew outside? Could have fallen in?

beers 3436 º places 21 º 09:10 Wed 9/26/2012

Sorry, no pics and definitely not hop seeds. Defo the shells of some kind of creature. No idea how they got in there, perhaps just a freak one off. Just thought I’d check to see if anyone has ever heard of seeing anything like this.

beers 3436 º places 21 º 09:12 Wed 9/26/2012
beers 1 º places 72 º 10:01 Wed 9/26/2012

Is it possible they were in your kettle before you started and you didn’t get them scrubbed out?

beers 12 º places 3 º 10:14 Wed 9/26/2012

Some kind of insect that was in your grain that made it into the boil?

beers 10 º places 4 º 11:43 Wed 9/26/2012

I’m not a homebrewer, and I don’t play one on TV, but I am an accomplished aquarist. What you describe are freshwater snails that make rabbits look like single offspring monagomists. Many aquarists who keep planted aquaria enjoy them as they love to burrow. The most likely scenario would be your water source. The eggs are microscopic and they would grow to this small size inside of a week or two. I’d question your water source, not that these guys are inherently harmful.

beers 10 º places 4 º 11:46 Wed 9/26/2012

It also just occured to me that malted barley could be a source. The germination moisture would be enough to live, and the eggs are quite resilient.

places 1 º 12:40 Thu 9/27/2012

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