Live Music- Wagon Wheel

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beers 708 º places 17 º 22:03 Sat 4/30/2016

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m thinking it’s time to retire this one. Every festival at every brewery or winery features an acoustic performer who will without fail play this song (usually twice a set). It’s lost any meaning it once had, and has become a predictable and tedious part of pretty much any evening.

beers 12017 º places 219 º 23:36 Sat 4/30/2016

If you don’t like Wagon Wheel we can’t be friends.

beers 1592 º places 63 º 23:44 Sat 4/30/2016

That song is gross. Remember a bud playing that randomly on a road trip and I stared at him while driving until he got the hint. Probably almost crashed the car to get the point.

beers 3007 º places 236 º 23:48 Sat 4/30/2016

It is indeed played all the time. I like it. It beats the alternatives. But say you are correct, and 100% of RB’s agree with you. Changes nothing.

beers 12017 º places 219 º 23:54 Sat 4/30/2016

Where are you guys going that Wagon Wheel is playing all the time? Should I move back to the midwest?

beers 1803 º places 43 º 00:03 Sun 5/1/2016

I have no idea what wagon wheel is, but all I know is that it doesn’t get much better than drinking TG Golden Nugget and listening to the band Riverside. Cheers!

places 23 º 00:21 Sun 5/1/2016

"Rock me momma..."

beers 12017 º places 219 º 00:26 Sun 5/1/2016

beers 1803 º places 43 º 00:29 Sun 5/1/2016

Originally posted by CLevar
"Rock me momma..."

Originally posted by tennisjoel
Originally posted by CLevar
"Rock me momma..."

I’ll call your "Rock Me Amadeus" and raise you one "Der Kommissar."

beers 3830 º places 26 º 03:11 Sun 5/1/2016

That’s one of those songs that I’ve heard so much that I just kind of ignore it, but yet I know it well. Until Blipp posted that video, I had no idea who sang it or what it was called. The video’s kind of cool if you ignore the rednecks in the audience.