Looking for 1902 Bass Kingís ale

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11:09 Wed 8/29/2012

Iím looking for a bottle 1902 Bass Kingís Ale. Any bottling really. Preference to magnums.

Iím also interested in any pre-1990 beers. Including Jubilee.


00:07 Thu 8/30/2012

In order of preference:

1869 Bass No. 1
1902 Kingís Ale
1977 Jubilee
1982 Prince
1978 Princess
2002 Duke and Queen

If you have one youíd be interested in getting rid of, let me know. We can discuss prices in private.

Or if you prefer to trade, we could arrange something.

International shipping welcome.

Iím also interested in old Courage RIS and Thomas Hardy.

06:48 Thu 8/30/2012

There is a 1902 posted on ebay right now.

Did the UK get the same restriction as the US?

Bill Becker
beers 971 º places 11 º 11:59 Sat 9/8/2012

I bought a bottle of it on Ebay but the seller fíked up and I got my money back. I bought a second bottle and when it arrived, at least I got to smell it. The bottle broke.

08:14 Sun 9/23/2012

I never landed the 1902. I missed out on the UK auctions and they seem to be dried up for now.

I can throw a King Henry on the table if it will help things move along.

08:56 Sat 10/6/2012

We have :-

Kinga Ale 1902
Princess Ale 1978
Princes Ale 1982
Jubillee Ale 1977 X2

All for sale if you are interested they are all larger bottles.