Looking for Cider with Strong Apple Taste

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12:21 Fri 6/2/2017

Hi Recently I had opportunity to drink "Bulmers Orchard Pioneer - Sarah’s Red Apple" and I am totally in love.

It is a medium dry cider with very strong apple taste (quiet sour). It doesn’t have a bitter-sweet aftertaste (which I really hate).

I can’t buy this drink bottled though. Any ideas what similar ciders could I get? Strong apple taste, sour, no bitter-sweet aftertaste.. :L) Thanks!

Looks like it’s bottled, after all.


Only one rating. Might have two if you add your impressions.

beers 20737 º places 830 º 02:24 Sat 6/3/2017

Have you thought, perhaps, of just trying the various ciders that are available to you locally? Even if you don’t have a specialist source, chains like Waitrose and Marks & Spencer sell quality ciders, as do other supermarkets. In order to help you remember which ones you liked and what you liked about them, you could even give them scores, and maybe even write little reviews of them.