Looking for friends on RB that will communicate and link to amusing ratings.

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I have been rated a few beers until now and had some fun about it. Rather than describing the way people usually do, I would like to tell a little story. It is a text for god sake! Use som language and communicate.. It is beer and it is social Don´t be nerds and talk that silly nerdy way

I do not understand the way it works in here, but if we can friend like Facebook and share good ratings that are amusing -I would like to do that.

I live in Denmark and do know a lot of the guys making beers here.


Thomas ( DonThomas)

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Find a rater you like and on their profile click the "Follow" button and their ratings will show up on your home page "mini-feed" like facebook.

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Begin by reading 2Pac’s reviews. Those are the pinnacle of beer rating.

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Well see, its friday night. and you know ehat that means. Narna will be home from the evening shift at the old folks home anyh minute now and i gotta be drunk just to deal the foul mouthed whore. So i planed it all out see. I got me a 6 pack of tall boy millers and i pounded them all down real fast like. Im jest finishing my last one right now. And I can tell yout this, this beer has just the right combanation of vodka and carbonation. Yessir, these go down real smooth like with a generous amount of burping after each slamm. I really like this golden beer, they are not lying when they say it is the champagne of beers. Its good stuff so if you have a whore wife like narna, i sugges going out and buying yourself some of these bad boys. it will put you in jess the right state of mind for dealing with worthless wifes. why wont we ever move out of this hot trailer.

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I think timBob is under the impression that alcohol in beer is just blended in vodka

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You know, you’re right! I wish the instructions for my hot water heater were possessed of a more lyrical quality.

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Glouglouburp to me manages to strike a good balance between skillful rating with an overview and a humorous twist that makes you want to read the whole review. That and the website of his Montreal ratebeer crew is an unsurpassed encyclopedia of where to go in Europa and NA to find those rare vintage beers that would otherwise be considered hard to get.


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I find timBob’s take on things to be quite disturbing.

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Thanks. I am getting wiser.. I am following whoever trying to combine at language with taste :-)
Or people with an creative approach to rating using more than descriptive terms sounding like autistics computers ;-)

Keep them coming....People who entertains and has some knowledge to.

I am not really convinced about a premium membership. First of all because we are doing the work ourselves. Rating. Is a membership a good idea?

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Originally posted by DonThomas
I am not really convinced about a premium membership. First of all because we are doing the work ourselves. Rating. Is a membership a good idea?

The OT-L forum is worth it alone. Know that.