Looking for Wisconsin beer writers!

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17:14 Sun 6/17/2012

Hello my fellow beer people. My name is Paul Vanden Plas and Iím the founder/Editor-In-Chief of wisconsinbrewreview.com, a site dedicated to everything about Wisconsin craft beer.

Iím posting here looking for great writers and beer lovers. We are in a position to add a few more writers to the staff, and this is the first place I came to look. If you think that you would love to write about your home state produced beer, have an excuse to drink more beer, and get personally involved in the beer industry, then this is the place for you! While you wonít get monetarily compensated for your work, you will get to do things in the Wisconsin beer world not otherwise possible.

If you are interested, drop me a line at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you.

*Note to mods. I hope Iím not stepping on anyoneís toes by posting this up here. Iíve been a follower of this site(and reviewer in my long ago college days). I still recommend it to anyone asking about beer outside of Wisconsin. Without this site, my site would not enjoy the success that it has had.

beers 321 º places 15 º 20:53 Sun 6/17/2012

Iím great at drinking beers, not so much at writing about them..

Good luck!