Looking to buy 3 Horses beer in UK or online to the Uk

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13:29 Sun 2/3/2013

Does anyone know where I can buy this beer, I know it is brewed by the Oranjeboom Brewers, I can buy Oranjeboom in cans but I really want the bottles of 3 Horses I used to buy it in Birmingham UK but not seen it for years, can anyone help? Iím happy to pay shipping costs from anywhere

beers 4500 º places 332 º 12:38 Mon 3/18/2013

Perhaps jmgreenuk can suggest somewhere?

beers 5696 º places 109 º 14:54 Mon 3/18/2013

I found recently 3 Horses Lager in one of my local beer stores, but in 500 ml cans.

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iíve seen this all .....before....

beers 1 º places 4 º 12:21 Mon 4/15/2013

iíve seen this in aldi also breda royal

07:03 Sun 5/5/2013

Where were the cans of 3 Horses, and how recently did you see it in Aldi, and which store, Iím desperate to get this beer, Iíll drive anywhere in UK for it, maybe even to France, Belgium, or Holland

beers 5640 º places 285 º 07:08 Sun 5/5/2013

Please explain why you are so desperate.

13:05 Sun 5/5/2013

Itís simply the best lager Iíve ever tasted, and been promising my wife a bottle of it when she has our baby, sheís done nearly 9 months off the beer now, and I need to find it