Lupulin powder

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beers 5369 º places 54 º 20:33 Wed 4/12/2017

Having had a couple of beers made with Lupulin powder now, it makes me want to try it in homebrew. Anyone seen this available to Homebrewers? any other intel or advice?

beers 2892 º places 53 º 23:25 Wed 4/12/2017

I believe lupulin powder is the same thing as hop hash and it is sold by several online retailers.

beers 92 º places 106 º 08:40 Sun 4/16/2017

I’m actually also curious. We have it available in Switzerland via Tobias from, who somehow always managed to source hard-to-get hops. The price seems to be just about twice as high per weight as hop pellets which equates to about the same price per AA. At some point in the near-ish future I might give it a whirl in a pale ale but I’m a little bit worried about filtering out the hop bits.
For the curious, Scott Janish just posted interesting information on LupuLN2 for homebrewers (it’s hard to disolve into beer, will stay in solution better than pellets, may create a slightly less hazy NEIPA, tastes and smells different from pellet-hopped beer):

beers 183 º 15:09 Fri 5/19/2017

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