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11:58 Mon 8/8/2011

I am looking for Mamba Beer produced in the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Does anyone know if it is available anywhere in the US?



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Looks like this one will be hard to track down- no ratings since 2008 and no distribution info on the page.

Though it looks like a few US raters were able to find bottles for sale in the US at some point, but I’m not sure if that helps you out now.

Good luck!

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It used to be available in abundance in the late 90s but I haven’t seen it for some time now.

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With all the political turmoil in the Côte d’Ivoire in later years, it would hardly be a surprise if their beer production has been halted or reduced for a while.

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Mamba (owned by Solibra) is imported to the USA by these folks

Highland Distributing Company, Inc.
3420 Yale St
Houston TX 77018, USA
+1 (713) 862-6364

Call them to find out where it is sold.

found them using this list